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The above compound Corliss steam engine by Wilhelm Huxhold is only 5" long. Its stainless steel and Meehanite parts are expertly crafted and represent the type of model engineering project that can be found in this section. Model engineering is defined here to consist of projects that are mechanical devices in nature. For models that include cars, boats and airplanes, see the model making section.

The model engineering section has grown to the point we have divided it into four sections.

1. Internal Combustion Engines

2. Steam, Stirling and Other Engines

3. Other Model Engineering Projects

...more engines, guns, tools, toys and scientific instruments

4. Model Engineering Masterpieces

Complete running vehicles

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What is model engineering?

Model engineering encompasses many interests. Typically the project is a scaled-down model of larger mechanical device. It could be a steam, gas, temperature differential, jet or other type of engine or even a model of a shop machine tool. It could be a miniature train, ship, tractor, automobile or airplane. It usually consists of a number of precise parts working in unison to duplicate a function or produce a result. Patent models were early examples of model engineering.  In most cases, however, the models shown here were built simply because the builder had a desire to demonstrate a new design or to model a particular object in miniature. Size of the projects can be determined by the raw materials at hand, the shop equipment available, the display space available or an odd scale may be chosen just to prove that all of the parts were hand made. Some modelers specialize in making the smallest model they can just because it represents a bigger challenge or because their friends said it couldn't be done. When modeling engines, the challenge is not usually complete until the engine actually runs. Click on any of the craftsmen listed above to see their work.

If you are interested in the small model gas engines manufactured to power model airplanes, boats and cars, see the special section on Model Engine Manufacturers. These men were a special breed of model engineer who designed and built engines out of the love for their hobby.

New Submissions Welcomed

If you have additional information on a project or builder shown on this site that your would like to contribute, please e-mail We also welcome new contributions. Please see our page at for a submission form and guidelines for submitting descriptive copy and photos for a new project.

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