In the early 1990s, John Nuovo of California acquired the castings from Australia and produced six engines that he dubbed “Green Dragon” after applying the crackle green finish. This is an air-cooled aircraft version with a lightweight cast iron lined aluminum cylinder. It burns methanol with castor oil mixed in for lubrication on spark ignition. The fuel is contained within the machined aluminum tank mounted to the back of the engine. Mr. Nuovo is well known for his precise machining skills and engine building capability to produce engines for airplanes, boats and tether cars. The Green Dragon is 7″-long, 5″-wide, and 6″-high.

In 1940, a similar engine was commercially sold as a “Silver Crown Champion” from Champion Products, Co. Los Angeles, CA. The Silver Crown was primarily a boat engine with dual carburetors mounted above the crankshaft, large swept exhaust stacks, parallel head fins and a clamp-on bypass and exhaust manifold.

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