New Arrivals—Six New Engines From the Paul Knapp Collection

by | Mar 10, 2023 | Engines, What's New

Six new engines from the collection of Paul Knapp.

Six new engines are now on display courtesy of the Paul Knapp Collection. Three of the engines were built by Butch Wilson, who worked for Dan Gurney, the owner and driver for All American Racers. Mr. Wilson also worked for the team when Bobby Unser, an Indy 500 winner, was driving. Butch built a hit-n’-miss Farm Boy Colorado, a 1/4 scale Cirrus Inline 4 aero engine, and a unique rendition of Henry Ford’s first “Kitchen Sink” engine. The late Mr. Wilson’s engines were donated by his daughter, Dede Wilson.

The other three engines were built by Ramon Hoagland, whose work is well represented in the Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum with a handful of engines already on display. The new additions from Mr. Hoagland include an opposed piston 2-cylinder engine, a Titan Twin engine, and a Bruce Macbeth inline four engine.

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