New Arrival–Wall 4-Cylinder 50cc Engine Kit (Unassembled)

by | May 3, 2024 | Engines, Internal Combustion (ICE), What's New

An unassembled casting kit for an Elmer Wall 4-cylinder water-cooled gas engine kit.

Tim Mundt recently donated an unassembled (but partially machined) casting kit for an Elmer Wall 4-cylinder water-cooled gas engine. Mr. Mundt also included some engineered drawings and blueprints for the scale model engine. This unassembled Wall engine is on display alongside a finished version of the same Wall water-cooled engine, which was fully completed by Russell Anderson. The pairing offers a nice contrast between the finished engine and its component parts, which gives viewers a sense of just how much machining and labor must be done to complete a running scale model engine. The two engines can be seen together in one of the photos below. The casting kit is from around the 1940s. Elmer Wall (1870–1947) offered several different types of engines as casting kits, some of which can still be found today. The Wall engines were very popular, and a handful of examples crafted by different builders can be found throughout the Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum (e.g. Wall Wizard and Wall Duplex Mariner).

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