New Arrival–1/6 Scale Gar Wood 33-50 Runabout by Louis Chenot

by | Mar 11, 2024 | Boats, Engines, What's New

Louis Chenot's impressive 1/6 scale Gar Wood 33-50 Runabout with Liberty V-12 engine.

The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum is excited to announce the arrival of a new scale model from master craftsman Louis Chenot. Mr. Chenot, who received the Joe Martin Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, has donated his finished 1/6 scale Gar Wood 33-50 Runabout with Liberty V-12 engine for display. Many are familiar with Mr. Chenot’s work, due largely to his incredible functional 1/6 scale 1932 Duesenberg SJ. The model Duesenberg is revered by expert modelers and casual observers alike. Fortunately for all of us, Mr. Chenot didn’t stop there. The scratch-built 1/6 scale Gar Wood Runabout is another exceptional example of model engineering, complete with Lou’s signature finish. 

According to Mr. Chenot, the sleek runabout was built at 1/6 scale from a single plank of mahogany and a single plank of white oak. The model took a total of six years (or 12,000 hours) to build, and Lou noted that the hull alone took five months. The boat features a 1/6 scale V-12 Liberty marinized aircraft engine, which was also scratch-built. In fact, during construction Lou actually built two Liberty engines (the second of which is unassembled). The Gar Wood model features a polished wooden finish, fully upholstered seating, windshields, working latches, and most other features found on the original runabout. 

Louis Chenot’s superb 1/6 scale Gar Wood Runabout with Liberty V-12 is now on display at the Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum. 

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