1/6 scale model 1932 Duesenberg SJ.

by Louis Chenot

Without doubt, the finest automotive model ever made taking 20,000 hours (10 years, 40 hours a week) to create the more than 6000 scratch built parts.


1/6 scale Holbrook Model C Lathe

By Alfred Mellows

This working 1/6 scale model of a Holbrook Model C lathe, took a lifetime to complete. Completed in 2003, it has won numerous awards and featured in Model Engineer’s Workshop magazine.


1/16 Scale P-51 Mustang and Two F4U Corsair Models

By Young C. Park

A cutaway view of Young’s finished 1/16 scale Corsair. Young C. Park dedicated 10 years of his life to building these three incredible models. The P-51 Mustang and one of the Corsairs were built as half cut-away models, meaning you can see all the detail inside the plane. The models were completely hand fabricated from aluminum and brass. They are detailed down to the hydraulic lines and functional control cables to the rudder, elevator and ailerons. 

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