Now, it’s no stretch to say that engraving is what Roger is best known for. Although his skills and interests branch in many other directions, this field is where the core of his talent is best displayed. His work is highly sought after among gun collectors who want the very best engraving on their special pieces. Because of his training as a gunsmith, Roger is not only capable of engraving a new gun, but also restoring and re-engraving old ones. More examples of his work are shown below. Additionally, some of Roger’s other firearm work can be seen on his miniature gun projects page. As a disclaimer, all engraved designs shown below are copyrighted by Roger Ronnie, and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without written permission.

Gun and Watch Engraving

1/2 Scale 1910 Lefever “Thousand Dollar Grade” Shotgun

One of Roger’s most recent engraving projects is for a 1910 Lefever “Thousand Dollar Grade” shotgun. The following photos show a preview of the engraving that will adorn almost every visible part of the shotgun. To see the finished shotgun, visit Roger’s miniature guns page.

Ruger #1 Project

The following photos show a sample of another one of Roger’s latest projects. This engraving work is for a full-size Ruger #1. It involves both gold inlay work as well as intricate engraving covering almost every surface of the receiver. Roger worked on this project for most of 2013, and submitted these photos in December of that year.

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