This “Pacifier” V4 water-cooled model engine was designed and built by Bob Shores, of Florida, in 2004. Bob Shores was known worldwide for his miniature engineering designs and model engine kits. He began to develop this V4 in 2003 and finished it in 2004. Castings for the crankcase, heads, and bell housing were produced from his hand-made patterns and he machined the balance of the parts from bar stock. It measures a mere 5.5″-wide, 6.5″-long, 6″-high, and weighs about 3 pounds. It has a bore and stroke of .625″ and burns gasoline on spark ignition. Water circulation is accomplished by a small geared water pump and the internal parts are lubricated by wet sump splash; the rocker assemblies require manual lubrication before operation.

Initially the engine was dubbed the Pacifier, but was renamed the PeeWee before finalizing the drawings and producing a limited number of casting kits. The Pacifier name would be reserved for a slightly larger version of this engine with a 3/4 bore and stroke. 

The Pacifier V4 water-cooled model engine.

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