This “Bosh” water-cooled inline 4-cylinder engine was made by Bob Shores, of Florida, in 1995. The Bosh is a 4-cylinder 40cc inline auto engine designed to burn gasoline on spark ignition. The crankcase holds oil for splash lubrication but the rockers must be manually lubricated before operation. Cooling is accomplished by a small geared water pump that circulates water through the fan-cooled radiator. The two levers on the bell housing control the throttle and clutch and the wood base contains the ignition system and battery. Bob was keen on Rimfire spark plugs and never being one to create waste he used one of the Rimfire spark plug vials for the radiator overflow canister. It is mounted at the bottom right of the radiator support bracket. He started the engine with the removable hand crank in front of the radiator.

The Bosh water-cooled inline 4-cylinder engine.

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