1/5 Scale P-40 Warhawk R/C Model Airplane

1/5 Scale P-40 Warhawk R/C Model Airplane

Craftsman: Lowell Wexler

Catalog #: 2012.21.1

Donor: Lowell Wexler

This 1/5 scale R/C model P-40 Warhawk was built from molded fiberglass components and then completely detailed.

Paper Models 

Paper Models 

Craftsman: David Kemp 

Catalog #: 2019.16.1 ; 2019.16.2 ; 2019.16.3 ; 2019.16.4 

Donor: David Kemp 

David Kemp built and donated four paper models including a model tank, an SE5 airplane, a Sopwith Dolphin airplane, and a German airplane. 

R/C SBD Dive Bomber 

R/C SBD Dive Bomber 

Craftsman: Mike Rapp

Catalog #: 2019.19.1 

Donor: Mike Rapp 

This radio-controlled SBD dive bomber airplane was built and donated by Mike Rapp. The dive bomber took about two years to build. 

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