New Arrivals—Three New Models by Loren Scheer 

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Aircraft, Craftsmanship, What's New

Three new models made by Loren Scheer.

Now on display are three new models built by Loren Scheer. Among his many projects, Mr. Scheer built a Wright Flyer along with a biplane model that is presumed to be a Newport 28cl circa WWII. Also included is a small model printing press. The three pieces were donated by Mr. Scheer’s two daughters, Leslie Sayers and Lorie Phillips. The intricate models display a wealth of detail, especially on the two airframes, and the printing press hearkens back to a time long before the computer age. 

Mr. Scheer worked on models & miniatures his entire life, as well as his bonsai garden. We regret to inform that Loren Scheer passed away in Carlsbad, CA on December 22, 2022. We thank Mr. Scheer for his dedication to fine craftsmanship. 

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