New Addition – Craftsman Style House

by | Jun 4, 2022 | What's New

Built by Sharon Cariola of San Diego, California, this beautiful Craftsman Style house was built entirely from scratch, including all the Stickley furnishings, light fixtures and paintings. Even the wall decorations were meticulously crafted from scratch with such care that it won the People’s Choice award in the woodworking category at the prestigious California Del Mar Fair.

The roof was a real challenge. Sharon tried paper clay but wasn’t happy with the result, so she tried something new. The roof tiles are made of clear plastic tubing, sanded to give the right texture then split using heavy shears and cut to length. She then nailed the tiles to some scrap for painting using a couple different colors for realism.

The rock perimeter at the base uses a paper clay base with individual stones tinted with acrylic paint, grouted and sealed. Sharon used book illustrations she found to craft the Stickley furniture. Some of the miniature pieces have actual thru joinery. The recliner in the living room even adjusts much like a real one.

Donated by the San Diego Miniature Crafters Assn

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Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship