This twin flywheel hit-n-miss engine was built by Phillip Duclos, a highly respected model engineer. The engine exhibits the solid design and excellent craftsmanship that Mr. Duclos was best known for. It’s similar in design to another documented engine that Phillip called the “Odds ‘n Ends” engine. It utilizes the curved spoke flywheels that he covered in a build article on page 115 of his “Shop Wisdom” book. Mr. Duclos later published an article about “the smallest hit-n-miss engine,” which featured essentially this engine built at 1/2 size, even though this 1” bore engine is already fairly small. 

Another angle of the hit-n-miss engine.

Exhibit added: December 4, 2013 - Last modified: December 28, 2023

Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship