Ronald Remsberg builds complicated structures from simple materials. In fact, Mr. Remsberg has built several scale models from nothing but matchsticks. A former Convair aeronautical engineer and builder of free-flight model aircraft, Ron used thousands of these sticks and Elmer’s glue to assemble models of some of the world’s most famous landmarks and structures. Ron has built about a dozen such models since starting in 1998. Though he has slowed down a little, the structures remain very square and precise. Ron noted that building the projects is a great tension reliever. Shown here is Mr. Remsberg’s first matchstick model—a miniature rendition of the Taj Mahal. The model measures about 16″-tall and 24 square inches around the base. In his research, Ron had seen some very large structures built from matchsticks. He decided that if others could build those, he could build this much smaller model.

A miniature model of the Taj Mahal made entirely from matchsticks.

Exhibit added: July 23, 2010 - Last modified: June 1, 2023

Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship