Jeff Lott is a retired mechanic who always wanted to be a machinist. He first became interested in machining in high school. He used a small bench mill and lathe with digital readouts to build the Steve Huck 25cc V8 engine following the build order that Steve laid out in his plans.

The engine was scratch built from billet material taking 2 years to complete. The block and heads are made from 6061T6 aluminum. 1144 steel was used for the crankshaft, 2024 aluminum for the pistons, and cast iron for the piston rings. Brass was used for the lifter bushings and valve seats and bronze for the main bearings. The crank shaft was one of the hardest parts to make taking 5 tries to get one he was satisfied with. Jeff also had trouble with the blower rotors finding a way to hold them so they would survive the machining process. At the time it was completed in 2014, it was one of only six running examples to have been completed. Watch a YouTube video below of this engine being run.

Several components for the Steve Huck V8.

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