Nic Case has been chasing the land speed record for remote control electric cars since 1990. In 1992, he built his first RC car to go 80 mph in competition. By 2012, Nic was running a new car design, the RC Bullet, setting the Guinness and ROSSA speed record at 171 mph. The SR11 on display has a top speed run of 173 mph and was the predecessor to Nic’s record setting RC Bullet run of 202 mph in Utah.

The carbon-fiber body was originally designed in modeling clay. A virtual wind tunnel was used to confirm the downforce and drag properties of each design. Several had too much drag or not enough downforce. Nic has since retired from straight-line speed running. He knows that someone will eventually break his record, so he’s moved on with the goal of driving a Speed Run car on a velodrome. Nic has also enjoyed racing dirt oval. Watch a video detailing Nic’s journey to beat the land speed record below.

Exhibit added: December 1, 2022 - Last modified: July 7, 2023

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