The “Slipper” Cox .049 tether car was designed and built by Doug Parker, of Vermont, in 2014. Doug is no stranger to fine machining when it comes to building miniature tether cars powered by Cox .049 engines. This car measures about 7 inches long with a wheelbase of 4 inches and it is hand crafted from billet 6061 aluminum and steel. The narrow body is not much wider than the engine and the tank holds about 3/8 oz. of a methanol and castor oil mixture. The flywheel is pressed onto the splined crankshaft and connects to the rear axle via a 2:1 ratio miter gear set. The axles are made from drill rod and fitted with ball bearings for the rear drive train and front wheels. Weighing it at only 11.6 ounces its aerodynamics and lightweight design should make it a fast competitor. It is, appropriately, named the “Slipper.”

The Slipper Cox .049 tether car.

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