This 1/2 scale model Olds stationary engine was built by Everett Kroll, of California, in the 1990s. Castings by Paul Briesch. The engine is 16”-long, 13”-wide, and 14”-high. Everett machined and fabricated all of the components necessary to complete a running engine. it burns gasoline with a little oil mixed in for upper end (piston and valve) lubrication. Typical of most stationary engines is that manual lubrication is required on the moving parts before operation, and periodic lubrication.

The Olds hopper-cooled (water reservoir around the cylinder) stationary engine first appeared about 1907 and, except for the open hopper, all of the details for these “A” type engines remained much the same. The smaller 2 HP models could be supplied with a small hand truck (cart) for portability while the larger engines required horse drawn trucks. Some of the “A” series engines were air-cooled and featured a cooling fan. Special attention was given to the cooling system—closely spaced fins and a special air shroud forced air completely around the cylinder.

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