Bruce Satra, of Utah reproduced a Morton M5 aircraft engine from 1940s plans and made aluminum castings from the model. Dennis Fadden, of Canada used Satra’s castings to build this cutaway model in the 1990’s. Fadden’s M5 has a master-rod that is in the top cylinder with the remaining articulating rods attached to the master. This is a perfect example of how a typical 5-cylinder radial engine operates. The engine is 7″-long, 6″-wide, and 7″-high. 

The Morton M5 was originally manufactured in the 1940s and was the first miniature radial engine made for model airplanes. It was designed by Glen Morton of Morton Aviation and was based on the full-size LeBlond radial aircraft engine made in 1928. The radial engine was much more powerful and reliable than the old rotary design. It was used to power large aircraft such as airliners and World War II-era bombers.

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