This Miller DOHC water-cooled 2-cylinder race engine was designed and built by Ed Miller, of Wyoming, in the late 1990s. Suitable for a radio-controlled car or boat, Ed’s first engine is this dual-overhead-cam (DOHC) single with a bore of 1″ and a stroke of 1.25″.  Measuring only 4″-wide, 6″-high, and 4″-long, the engine sports a full complement of support equipment and accessories located in the running base. These include pressure and scavenge pumps for dry sump lubrication, fuel pump, water pump, various supply reservoirs, and a custom electronic ignition; all of which can be easily relocated to a running vehicle if desired. It is machined from aluminum and steel bar stock and utilizes Ed’s custom-built carburetor for burning methanol.   

A Miller DOHC water-cooled 2-cylinder race engine.

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