This Miller 2-cylinder, 2-cycle race engine was designed and built by Ed Miller, of Wyoming, in the early 2000s. Made from a pair of modified “weed-eater” engines, this racing engine was slated to power a model speed boat. Ed coupled the two crankcases together, installed a custom-made double throw crankshaft, and modified the cylinders to accept his large capacity water jacketed heads. It is equipped with a belt driven peristaltic water pump to keep the engine cool while on the running stand. The stand houses the fuel tank and fuel pump, a water tank and radiator, and a pair of electronic ignitions; one for each spark plug. A special ring gear was added to the flywheel that can easily be accessed from above once the engine is installed in a boat. Ed wanted a fast engine that makes noise, so he opted for a pair of upright exhaust stacks for audible effect.

A Miller 2-cylinder, 2-cycle race engine.

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