The builder of this midget gas engine is unknown. The engine is 9”-long, 6”-wide, and 8.5”-high. Construction articles for this engine were published in Popular Mechanics Shop Notes (Volume XXXIV) in 1938. The first step was to produce wood patterns from the plans provided and either make your own castings or take the patterns to a foundry to have them make the castings. Once the castings were in hand, mechanical drawings would allow the builder to machine the engine parts to completion. This engine was produced from cast iron castings. It has a bore and stroke of 1.250, burns gasoline and the crankcase holds oil for splash lubrication. The rocker arms must be lubricated before operation. The engine was rated at 1/6 horsepower at maximum speed, but the maximum rpm was not specified. Courtesy of Kelly and Terry Grant, WY.

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