The “Kaos 40” sport pattern flyer was a popular kit designed by Joe Bridi. In fact, it was one of Mr. Bridi’s most successful model designs, selling several hundred thousand kits in various sizes from the 1960s to present day. The Kaos 40 model on display was one of Mr. Bridi’s personal planes. His competition wing number was always 288. 

The Kaos 40 pattern flyer has a wingspan of 55” (140 cm). The total wing area is 566 square inches (3,652 cm2). The model airplane is 49.5”-long (126 cm) and weighs 5.25 lbs. (2.4 kg). It features a .40 to .46 2-cycle glow plug engine. The airfoil is symmetrical and it requires 4 servos to operate.

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