This 15cc (.90ci) radio control boat engine was designed and built by Ed Kalfus, of MI, in the 1960s. The engine is 6.5”-long, 6”-wide, 5”-high, and weighs 2 lbs. 4 oz. Ed began racing tether boats in 1931 and radio-controlled boats in 1960. It is not known how many engines he built but, in all those years, he admitted he never purchased an engine. This particular engine is one of four that he built in the early 60s for his radio-controlled boats. He was the first RC boat racer to hit 60 miles an hour and held the F Hydro record for several years. The engine burns Ed’s special blend of 60% nitro mixed with the methanol and castor oil on glow ignition and utilizes sub-piston porting for increased power. Mr. Kalfus was the first person to be inducted into the International Model Power Boat Association’s Hall of Fame.

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