Dettmar Industries of Waterloo, IA began to produce this 1/2 scale model of the John Deere Type “E” stationary engine in the 1980’s. Founded by Gene Dettmar, little is known about the company’s outcome, but few if any engines became available for purchase. Since the late 80’s, only a small number of casting kits and completed engines have appeared.

This example is a gasoline burning stationary (hit-n-miss) engine with a 1.8-inch bore and 2-inch stroke, enclosed crankcase and a make-and-break ignition system. Oil is held in the crankcase and splashed (slung) around by the crankshaft to lubricate the internal parts, while the external components require manual oiling periodically. The model swings the two massive flywheels at an average speed of 600 RPM. The flywheels store the energy necessary to power other machinery and equipment. The full-size engine used a magneto to provide the spark for ignition; however, the model uses a small battery and coil or electronic ignition to spark the contact points within the combustion chamber. This engine is 16″-long, 10″-wide, and 12″-high.

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