This 1/56 scale plank-on-frame model of the HMS Supply was built by Michael Titone starting from an Artesania Latina kit. Rigging is all functional.

In 1787, a convoy of 11 ships uner the leadership of Captain Arthur Phillip left Plymouth, England on a journey to the far side of the world. The ships contained 1,500 Marines, officers, seamen and their families, along with 732 convicts bound for a new penal colony in New South Wales in the future commonwealth of Australia. The trip to Botany Bay took eighteen months and one week.

The HMS Supply, at 168 tons, was the swiftest sailor in the first fleet and acted as a scout and message carrier during the voyage. She was the first ship to enter Botany Bay on January 19, 1788. The Supply rates with the Sirius as the most famous historical ship of the new Australian nation, and was typical of the convict ships that would transport more British prisoners to that new nation.

A 1/56 scale model of the HMS Supply. 

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