The Guttu Offy Special was built by George “Ron” Guttu, of Arizona, in 2007. The 1928 Ford Model A was a typical donor car for the development of the early Harry Miller Race cars. Such items included the steering box, axles, differential, springs, and the transmission; although most were highly modified for racing. In this model, the miniature Offy engine was scaled from drawings of the full-size engine and sports Ron’s custom made Winfield carburetors. Ron says it runs best on E-85 Ethanol and spark ignition. Stainless steel was used to fabricate almost everything except the engine, transmission, differential, rims, and body. The model has functional gauges, pedals for the accelerator and brakes, shift lever for forward and reverse, and an external hand brake. The hand pump pressurizes the fuel tank that is located behind the driver’s seat and the lubrication is via dry sump. 

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