This Gasparin CO2 Micro Flyer with a G2.6 “World’s Smallest CO2 Engine,” was built by Stefan Gasparin, of Czech Republic, in 1972. The micro flyer has a wingspan of just 6.3 inches and weighs a total of 3.5 grams with engine. The outside diameter of the cylinder measures .118″ and the entire engine with its propeller weighs merely 1 gram.

This is the engine listed in the Guinness Book of World’s Records as the smallest CO2 engine in the world. It is his G2.6 single-cylinder with a bore of 1.6mm (.063 in.) and a stroke of 1.3mm (.051 in.) or .0031 cubic inches displacement.

The engine weighs only 1 gram and turns its 2.36″ propeller up to 5000 RPM. It was designed to power micro free-flight airplanes like the small high-wing balsa and tissue model shown here. This airplane was designed for indoor flying but can be flown outdoors on a very calm day. It is one of three designs that were offered.

The Gasparin micro Taylorcraft Flyer with CO2 engine.

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