This 1/32 scale model Fullagar marine Diesel opposed piston engine was built by Phil Finney, of Illinois, in 2004. The full-size engine stood 31-feet tall with a 14-1/2-foot flywheel and produced about 500 HP. It is a two-cycle twin with four pistons; two opposed in each cylinder.

Mr. Finney scratch-built the model with the aid an undimensioned plan view and section drawing of the full size engine. He said the front view had good quality detail so he used that view and calipers and dividers to develop a multiplier for scaling his model. It measures 8-inches from the flywheel to the radiator, 5-1/4-inches wide, about 11-1/2-inches tall, and weighs 20 pounds.

The complexity of the model is no less than that of the full size engine, but the difficulty was compounded by the lack of adequate information available and the engineering effort necessary to design and develop this functional model in such small scale. It has a bore of .715-inch, a stroke of 1.125-inches, and burns propane for fuel. Phil also noted that the engine is completely machined and fabricated from bar stock and sheet metal, and there were no castings used.

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