These four Atwood Crown Champion model engines were made by Bill Atwood in the 1940s. In 1939, Mr. Atwood designed his line of 10cc racing engines known as the Crown Champions to compete in the popular model racing circuits. The Blue Crown, with its bore of .925″ and stroke of .900″, produces 1/4+ horsepower at 10,000 to 15,000 revolutions per minute. This .603 cubic inch engine is designed for model car racing and supports an updraft carburetor and a downdraft carburetor. It came with the flywheel and was designed to burn gasoline on spark ignition.

The Red Crown is virtually identical to the Blue Crown but utilizes only the updraft carburetor. It was designed for model cars and also included the flywheel.

The Green Crown is equipped for flying and performs well with 13″ and 14″ propellers. It sports the same updraft carburetor as the Red and Blue Crown, has an integral mounted fuel tank, and included a serrated prop hub and washer.

The Purple Crown advertised in the brochure was similar to the Blue Crown but incorporated two downdraft carburetors for boat applications. No examples of the Purple Crown have been found.

The highly modified Blue Crown on the far right includes an Allex head, custom cylinder and exhaust, lightening enhancements such as removal of the Atwood Crown identification button, and the addition of a smaller aluminum flywheel. All Atwood Crown engines were factory tested and tuned for top performance before shipment.

Four Atwood Crown Champion model engines on a wooden display stand.

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