This 1/5 scale replica of the 4-cycle, water-cooled engine in the famous Ford Model A automobile of 1928 has a bore of .675″ and a stroke of .827″. Total displacement is .30 cubic inches. The replica is 8”-long, 6”-wide, and 7”-high. 

Castings were made for the crankcase, head and oil pan, and bar stock was machined for the crankshaft and camshaft. The engine will burn gasoline or methanol on spark ignition, and it contains oil in the oil pan for lubrication. Internal lubrication is a splash system that relies on the crankshaft to splash (sling) the oil within the crankcase when it rotates.

The engine was custom manufactured for an American automobile buff. Paul Knapp designed and fabricated the spark plugs.

Approximately 25 Model A engine replicas were produced in this “factory stock” configuration, a copy of the original factory engine as sold in the Model “A”. Several months after the introduction of this model engine, approximately 25 modified “Hotrod” versions were produced that included a finned racing head and dual carburetors.

Another angle of the 1/5 scale Ford Model A engine.

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