This 2-stroke, glow ignition, Schnuerle scavenged, ball bearing engine was designed by the Fitzpatrick Brothers, Charlie and Mike of Chula Vista, CA. This engine was always noted as being one of the finest looking around. The first 100 or so castings for the original .60  were made in North Hollywood, but the bad business climate in California eventually drove production of the .61 to a company in Canada in the 1990’s. The engine features high quality investment castings, CNC-machined parts and real chrome (not nickel) plated finishes and fasteners. It was designed with twin ball bearings with a larger front bearing to prevent started damage. The specially grooved head was said to operate cooler than most engines. Other features included the serviceability of the carburetor and the way the very attractive muffler was attached to the engine. The bar stock connecting rods were bushed at each end and the crankshaft dynamically balanced. It turned up to 20,000 RPM.


– Bore: .941″, Stroke: .876″

– Displacement: .609 cu. in. (9.987 cc)

– Compression ratio: 9.85:1

– Weight: 25.2 oz. (with muffler)

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The Fitzpatrick .61 ABC engine. 

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