This 1/3 scale model Elto Cub outboard boat motor was made by Ted Maciag, of Florida, in 2005. The Elto Cub was manufactured in 1940 by the Evinrude Light Twin Outboard Co. It was a single-cylinder, water-cooled two-cycle with a bore of 1.125″ and a stroke of 1″. It weighed only 8 pounds, was only about 29 inches tall, produced one-half horsepower, and sold for $26.50 in 1940. Oil was mixed with the gasoline for lubrication.

Ted’s 1/3 scale model is a single-cylinder, water-cooled 2-cycle with a bore of about .375″ and stroke of about .330″. It is about 9.5″-tall and burns a gas/oil mixture on spark ignition. Denny Cole produced the 1/3 scale model of the dealer’s showroom display stand, and the spark plug is a Rimfire brand Viper Z3.

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