This beautifully made engine is a reproduction of a 1947 Diesel model airplane engine that was originally designed by Domenico Bornancin in Verbania, Lake Maggiore, Italy. It is typical of the Italian engines of the time, wonderfully designed, and difficult to construct. The built-in tank, internal mixture control, and metal-to-metal seals throughout contribute to its stellar performance and trouble-free, long life. 

Ralph Cooney reproduced this interesting engine using modern electrical discharge machining (EDM) technology. The curved intake hole required the invention of a special fixture to advance the electrode in a curved path. Two of the engines were built. The second was set aside to be flown in a plane built from plans from around the same era as the engine.

Engine specifications—

Bore: 8 mm (.315”)

Stroke: 13 mm (.512”) 

Displacement: .6 cc (0.4 cu. in.) 

Weight: 66 grams (2.33 oz.) 

Tank duration: 45 seconds 

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