Pat Loop handcrafted this 1/4 scale Gipsy engine right down to the spark plugs in the 1990s. It runs on gasoline with spark ignition and a pressurized wet sump lubrication system. Les Chenery provided the castings. The engine is 8″-long, 4″-wide, 8″-high, and weighs 9 lbs, 2 oz. 

Inline engines have cylinders in a straight row, or in two rows side-by-side. The Gipsy I upright, air-cooled engine was commonly used in the de Havilland 60G and 60M Gipsy Moth, and the de Havilland 60T Gipsy Moth trainer. The first de Havilland 60 Moth was built in 1925 as a sports aircraft and a trainer. In 1928, a Gipsy engine was “sealed” and flown for 600 hours.

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