This 1/3 scale Clarke 1-cylinder trolling boat motor was boult by Profi M.E. in Ukraine in 2000. The full-size motor was originally manufactured in Michigan in the 1930s. The propeller is mounted directly to the crankshaft and the entire engine is submerged under water for cooling. It was only 21 inches long, so it was convenient to transport and to mount to the back of a boat. The operator would tilt the motor out of the water, wind a rope around the pulley and then quickly pull the rope to start the motor (like starting a lawnmower). The curved splash guard above the propeller protected the operator from becoming soaked while tipping the running motor back into the water. The aluminum tube carried the exhaust from the motor up and out of the water to prevent water from entering the motor when it was turned off. The model is 5″-long, 3″-wide, and 8″-high. This model is a copy of the full-size 1-horsepower motor.

Exhibit added: May 1, 2008 - Last modified: March 15, 2023

Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship