Joe Bridi created this R/C aircraft that features an airbrushed painting of the Circus Circus Hotel/Casino on the wing. For years, it hung in the lobby of the Circus Circus in Las Vegas, and is autographed by some of the best R/C flyers in the world. Bill Bennett, the owner of the Circus Circus was a promoter of R/C competition, as well as a flyer himself, and held several contests in Las Vegas at a field that he had built. This pattern flyer model was one of Joe Bridi’s designs called the “Dirty Birdy.” It features the autographs of all the participants in the 1976 world championships for R/C flying held in Las Vegas.

Joe Bridi donated a portion of his engine collection, along with some R/C aircraft, in July 2012. Mr. Bridi is a long-time champion R/C aircraft flyer. At one time he had a collection of over 600 model engines. Many have since been sold, but he has donated some unusual and prototype engines that he flew in competition over the years. The museum also displays some of Joe’s R/C aircraft, featuring examples of some of his most popular kits. Most were his trade show display models. Our thanks to Joe Bridi for his contribution.

Joe Bridi with his Circus Circus R/C airplane.

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Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship