This Challenger flathead V8 engine was built by Ed Miller (WY) and Mike Gombert (CO), completed in 2016. Typical of Ed’s engines, this Challenger is designed to burn methanol on spark ignition. He developed the fully adjustable carburetor specifically for methanol, and the engine will not run on gasoline. Modifications include a solid center bearing block for the crankshaft that also supports a center bearing for the camshaft. The journals on the crankshaft are over size for added strength, and the pressure-fed oil lubricates the center bearing for the crankshaft and the camshaft. The engine was modified for dry sump lubrication and sports a high volume geared pump that is pressure adjustable. Mike Gombert completed the engine as a tribute to Ed Miller (his best friend of 46 years) after Ed passed away in 2015. Mr. Miller designed and developed several model engines, from 1 cylinder to 8 cylinders, and all were alcohol burners designed for high speed. 

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