Designed and built by George Britnell (2012).

This original radial engine design by George Britnell was loosely based on the commercially available Morton M-5. George’s radial has a bore and stroke of .625 x .600. Designed and built in 2012, it took about 600 hours to complete. It has a two-stage oil pump for supply and scavenge. The original design of the Morton had pushrods at the rear of the cylinders operated by a conventional camshaft. George’s design moved the cam to the front of the engine, more like a conventional radial engine. The distributor was redesigned to make it vertical with a Hall trigger ignition. The cylinders and heads are separate pieces that are screwed together, unlike the Morton which has a one-piece sleeved cylinder and head. George made his own 10-40 thread spark plugs, and fuel is delivered using a model airplane type air-bleed carburetor. Donated by George Britnell.

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Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship