The maker of this Boxer 2-cylinder opposed aircraft engine is unknown, but it came from Germany. The engine is 9”-long, 9”-wide, and 7”-high. The 4-cycle engine appears to be made from castings, but was actually constructed from aluminum, brass and steel bar stock. Much of it was roughed out on conventional machine shop equipment. Many hours were spent hand-forming the parts using files and scrapers. The finish was applied by glass beading the surfaces and then nickel-plating the steel parts, such as the rocker arms and propeller hub.

The most unique feature is two exhaust ports for each cylinder. This was accomplished by drilling into the head from the front, cross drilling from the top to the bottom, and then plugging the original hole ahead of the exhaust pipes.

Someone in Germany restored this engine for display. For a finishing touch, he plated the steel exhaust pipes with chrome and then heated them with a torch until blue. This gives the appearance that the engine has been run since the restoration.

Exhibit added: July 1, 2008 - Last modified: December 23, 2022

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