This Bobber V-twin custom motorcycle was designed and built by Stephen J. King, of Florida, in 2014. Measuring only 13″-long this miniature bike is powered by a custom-built 7cc side-valve 120 degree V twin with exposed lifters driven by a centrally located camshaft. It sports a pair of single-butterfly, spray-bar, type carburetors and it is designed to burn methanol on glow ignition. The frame is based on a 1947 Harley Knucklehead with a much wider rake and includes a Harley inspired front end, functional lights, drum brakes, clutch, and transmission.

Mr. King suggests the cut off rear fender gives it the bobbed effect, the wide front rake a chopped look, and it exhibits café racer traits. He is quick to point out however; Harley’s never had dual spring seats; that was more of an Indian thing. 

The Bobber V-twin custom motorcycle.

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