This Bandicoot experimental model airplane engine was made by Rich Wiley, of Missouri. Rich Wiley produced this test engine to determine the performance advantages (or disadvantages) of a highly over-square engine; that is, one with a very short stroke compared to the bore of the engine. It has a bore of 1.160″ and a stroke of only .580″, yielding a total displacement of .609 cubic inches.

The porting arrangement of four transfers (two boost and two exhaust) was chosen in an attempt to shorten the distance the fuel charge needed to travel. The twin rotary valve arrangement was necessary because the crank pin was so close to the centerline of the shaft that it would not allow for a large enough passage hole through the shaft for the fuel. The hole was bored eccentric away from the crank pinto help compensate for this condition. After extensive testing, Rich determined there was not enough advantage to pursue it any further This engine turned its 9-6 propeller up to 14,5000 rpm. 

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