This 1/9 scale  model ADC (or ACE) Cirrus airplane engine was designed and built by Eric Whittle, of the UK, in 1994. Mr. Whittle won first place with his 1/9-scale Cirrus aero engine at the North American Model Engineering Show (NAMES) in Wyandotte, MI. While visiting with friends at the show, the engine was stolen from the awards table on April 24, 1994. Members and friends of the model engineering community immediately began to offer assistance and funds for a reward.

Jim Schiller (WA) produced, printed, and mailed hundreds of posters with a reward of $2,500 for the safe return of Eric’s engine (shown in photo below). He mailed them to hobby shops, show owners, model engine and engineering clubs, newspapers, magazines, and virtually anyone associated with model building and model engineering. Jim recovered Eric’s engine about 6 months later in November of 1994. Courtesy of Jim and Sally Schiller.

The next year, in April of 1995, Eric returned to NAMES in Wyandotte, MI where Jim returned the engine to him. The “Robin” engine is Eric’s custom made award presented to Jim for his extraordinary effort, recovery, and the successful return of the Cirrus engine.

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