It took Al about a year to design and build this 5-cylinder radial engine, including the carburetor, which customarily incorporates a built-in choke mechanism. It is completely machined from aluminum and steel bar stock and burns methanol with castor oil mixed in for lubrication. The exposed rocker arms require manual lubrication before operation. Unlike typical radial engines, Al designed this one over-square, which means the bore is larger than the length of the stroke, using a 1.25″ bore and a 1.00″ stroke. Generally, over-square engines are lighter and shorter (smaller in diameter) and develop more power for their compact size. Finished in 1982, this engine is 17″-long, 13″-wide, 14″-high, and weighs 21 lbs. (Courtesy of Cherise Vassallo, Ingrid Vassallo, Andre Vassallo.)

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