This 4-port Riley Model A racing engine OHV conversion was designed and built by Ron Bement, of Colorado, in 2014.  In the early 1930s, George Riley produced 2- and 4-port overhead valve conversions for early 4-cylinder flathead engines in an attempt to increase performance, horsepower and speeds. They were commonly used on the Ford model T, A, and B engines as well as a few other makes.

The lack of good metallurgy combination with increased horsepower created reliability issues with the heads during long grueling races. As a result, Riley heads were better suited for short races and became a standard for small oval track racing.     

Ron’s model “A” engine includes his miniature version of the 4-port Riley conversion and his custom designed fuel injection system. On the stand it measures 14″-wide, 13″-tall, 18.5″-long, and weighs 25 pounds. The front gear case supports a water pump, fuel pump, and two oil pumps for dry sump lubrication. The engine burns gasoline on electronic ignition and displays Ron’s signature-trademark “MOON” style accelerator pedal.   

A 4-port Riley Model A racing engine OHV conversion.

Exhibit added: November 1, 2016 - Last modified: March 29, 2023

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