This 3-story dollhouse was styled to the 1930s-40s and built at 1/12 scale. This was the largest and most complicated structure built by Joe and Jan Haring. The architectural details are rich and correct. The house was also equipped with hidden wires and small wall outlet plugs beneath some of the furniture. Ceiling and wall lights with tiny bulbs can be illuminated inside. Many other details are included, from the gas meter outside to the high tank flush toilet in the bathroom. Joe decorated the attic and workshop while Jan did the rest of the rooms. Interestingly, there are over 15 miniature cats hidden around the house.

Retired marine Joe Haring was a sailor and a craftsman. He and his wife, Jan, shared a passion for building and furnishing miniature houses. Though often referred to as dollhouses, they are actually scale model stages built to showcase both the craftsmanship of the builders and the decorating skills of the collector. Typically built at a scale of 1”=1’, the various structures in the Haring collection include correct architectural details from staircases to gas meters, and even tiny accessories like fuse boxes. Many of the furnishings were made by other skilled craftsmen who specialize in building miniature furniture for collectors. 

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Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship