This 1/8 scale 14-cylinder radial engine model operates on regular gasoline with spark ignition and swings a 12-inch diameter propeller. Dennis Fadden, of Canada, used cylinder and head castings produced by Bruce Satra, Utah, rather than machining them himself. However, most of Fadden’s model engines are machined from bar stock rather than using castings.

Fadden’s engines vary from simple single-cylinder model airplane engines to complex in-line and opposed multi-cylinder engines. Fadden also has produced an array of custom designed model inboard and outboard boat motors. he does not produce or use any drawings to create his engines.

The radial engine was originally developed in the 1920’s. The model is based on engines built by several manufacturers in the 1930’s and 1940’s for use in World War II aircraft. Finished in 1996, this model engine is 8”-long, 6”-wide, and 7”-high.

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