This 1-cylinder, 4-cycle model boat motor was designed and built by Henry Parohl, NY, in the 1960s. The motor is 5”-long, 4”-wide, and 4”-high.

“On September 8, 1935 at the annual Walter Elliot Memorial Race in New York’s Central Park, Henry was crowned a new champion when his gas driven Elanor 2 powerboat was clocked at 26.77 mph in 5 laps around a 750 foot circular coarse. The precision necessary in the construction of the motor was nothing new to the owner, who in private life, was a craftsman making tiny dies for a wrist watch company.” —From The Model Craftsman, November 1935.

Little information is known about Henry Parohl’s engines, but most were designed to power model boats. It is estimated he built about 350 model engines of varying configurations, from single-cylinder 2 and 4-cycle engines to complex multi-cylinder boat and airplane engines. Toward the end of his model engine building career, he designed and constructed a few model (Mazda type) rotary engines and began to fabricate a small jet engine.

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