This 1/50 scale model Nordkap Greenland trawler was built by Maurice “Mike” O’Conner. Though representing a modern steel-hulled fishing trawler, the hull of this model was built using traditional plank-on-frame technique. Plans and materials came from a kit by Billing Boats. 

Billing Boats described the Nordkap as a typical trawler from the North Sea, built in 1970 at an English shipyard. The model kit is based on the original ship drawings. Tonnage: 185 gross register tonnage. Overall length: 40.0 m. Beam: 9.30 m. Motor: 1,000 HP diesel. Cruising speed: 12-14 knots. Crew: 7-8 men. Fishing tackle: Drag net (trawl). Fishing area: Around Iceland and Greenland. Haul: Herring, cod and trash fish.

Mike O’Conner was a pilot and engineer for Douglas Aircraft for over 40 years and enjoyed building models as a hobby. He was also a member of the Shadowridge Ocean Hills Retirement Community “Woodchucks” woodworking club. Several years ago, members of that club toured the Craftsmanship Museum. When Mr. O’Conner passed away in May, 2010 his wife, Dandelyn donated his finest model to the Joe Martin Foundation at his request. Now this remarkable scale model ship is on permanent display for all to enjoy.

Exhibit added: May 13, 2010 - Last modified: April 19, 2023

Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship