This 1/4 scale Ferrari V-12 model auto engine was built by Bennie Vreeman, Netherlands, in 2009. The engine is 12”-long, 8”-wide, and 6”-high. Jeron Classic Motors began to develop a series of miniature 1/4 scale cars and engines in the mid-1990’s. Only a few of the cars were sold before the company closed its doors forever and all remaining inventory was sold at auction.

Twelve engines were built from the inventory parts by Bennie Vreeman in the Netherlands. One engine was a running model that burned methanol on glow ignition, while the remaining eleven were built for display only. This engine was one of the non-running models but was converted to a running model in 2009 for the Miniature Engineering Museum. It burns methanol on glow ignition and is equipped with two oil pumps for dry sump lubrication. All six carburetors function and are linked together for smooth operation.

Exhibit added: July 1, 2009 - Last modified: March 16, 2023

Presented by The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship